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Earth moving equipment is very expensive, sophisticated and used under difficult condition. So, it is therefore necessary to take care of these machines efficiently to minimize the machine downtime and obtain the maximum optimized output from themconsidering that a huge investment has been made on these machines.

It is therefore necessary to choose the right quality parts during regular replacement schedules or unforeseen break down.

Established in 1996, SABAH TECH is a leading importer and dealer of heavy equipment spare parts for earth moving and construction equipment, quarrying and aggregates processing equipment such as bull dozers, excavators, rock crushers, shovels, cement mixers etc.

SABAH TECH ranks among the leading construction and heavy equipment spare parts dealers in the UAE. We deal in quality replacements and OEM parts for leading names like CATERPIILLAR and KOMATSU. Our extensive ranges of products are sourced from leading OEM manufacturers from the USA, UK, Canada, Brazil, Spain, Australia and Italy and are available at very competitive rates. Backed by a team of well experienced staff we can assure you a trouble free arrangement and supply of genuine CATERPILLAR and KOMATSU spare parts according to your specification and needs.

Our range of products includes:

  • Engine parts like Cylinder Liner, Piston, Rings, Engine Bearings, Valves and Guides, Cylinder Heads, Crankshafts, Water Pumps, Oil Coolers and Radiator Cores.

  • Transmission parts like Friction Discs and Plates, Gear, Piston, Turbines, Impellors, Bearings, Gear Pumps and Carrier Assemblies.

  • Hydraulics parts like Hydraulic Pumps and Cartridges, Piston Pump, Hydraulic parts Cylinders, Rods, Head, Piston Engine overhaul Kits, Transmission Overhaul Kits, Jack Seal Kit, Gaskets and seals.

  • Chassis parts like Bucket Pins, Bushings, Bosses, Trunnions,    Links, equalizer, Bar items, Axel Pin and Bushings, Tie Rods and Sockets.

  • Parts related to ground engaging tools such as Cutting Edges, End Bits, Tips, Adaptors, Rippers, Protectors,    Shanks, Pins and Locks, Track Bolts and Nuts, Plow Bolt and Nuts Sprocket Bolt and Nuts and all other Bolt, Nut and Washers.

  • Electrical systems parts such as Starter Motors, alternation and their loose parts like Armature, Stator, Pinion, Brushes, Plates, Solenoid Switches, Relay Switch and Field Coil.

  • Differential and wheels parts such as Final Dive Pats Crown and Pinion, Star and Sun Gears, Differential Pinions, Ring Gears, Bearings, Shafts, Hub,    Carriers, Wheel Bolt and Nuts, Break Parts like Friction Disc, Plates, Linings and Piston.

  • Steering and control systems parts such as Steering Parts like Racks, Shaft, Metering Pumps, Bearing, Bushes, Steering Cylinder, Rod, Ball Joints, Steering Pin and Bushings.

  •  Parts for undercarriage such as Tracks Group, Link Assemblies, Shoes, Sprocket and Segments, Idlers, track Rollers, Carrier Rollers, Bogies, Guides, Bogie Pins, pads, Guards, Recoil Springs, Cylinder and piston.

  • Parts for air systems such as air Compressor, Governors, brake Booster, Air/Hydraulic Cylinder, Master Cylinder, Wheel Cylinder, Foot Brake Valve, Parking Brake Valve, Brake Pipes, Elbows and Joints.

  • Parts for exhaust system such as mufflers and extension pipes, manifolds, clamps, shields and tubes, turbochargers, cartridges and repair kits.

  • Parts for fuel injection such as fuel injection pumps, transfer pumps, priming pumps, plunger and barrels, nozzles, check valves and repair kits.

  • We have us quality and genuine spare parts from recognized brands such as CATERPILLAR and KOMATSU besides parts from ITR, CGR, VARVIT, MAHLE, DAYCO, WILSON, GARRET, FLEET GUARD, MTM, ITALRICAMBI, GRS, VICKERS, ETP Etc

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